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The all new Saturn Eazy File. The first of its kind and latest solution for that effortless way to file, shape and maintain your finger and toe nails. Our patented Eazy file is truly unique with nothing else quite like it on the market to date. Designed and developed in the UK to a very high standard, the Eazy file is a strong, durable product, at the same time great looking. The Eazy file is powered by 2 AA batteries and performs as well as we claim, using our unique patented file system, the Eazy file, shapes, files and maintains your nails with perfect ease. The Eazy file is a truly effortless and easy to use powered nail file system. The Eazy file can be used on long or short nails, even for those nails that have Gel coat, nail polish or overlays painted on them, the Eazy file makes light work of filing and maintaining all types of nails. The Eazy File also comes with a choice of stylish and modern colours and with a smooth, ergonomic finish for that great look.

The Perfect Gift

The Eazy File can make a great gift for both men, woman and children of all ages, so why not buy the Eazy file for a member of your family or a friend.

A Great Device

The Eazy file is especially useful for people with poor eye sight or with restrictive hand movement due to health conditions such as arthritis or Diabetes etc. 

Use on the Move 

The Saturn Eazy file is a fantastic and small device thats great for use on the move, on a bus, passenger in a car, walking around, or just sitting in a cafĂ© with friends etc.


Coming soon the first of its kind Saturn pet file. 
Our patented and truly unique pet file is a fast, effective and effortless way to  safely file and you pets claws, pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs and more

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