How does the Eazyfile work?
The Eazyfile works by simply pressing your nail up against the rotating file belt in the front of the handheld unit while operating the power button. You can easily control even filing across the contour of your nail.

The curved wall behind the rotating file belt both helps with the shaping of the nail and at the same time will prevent you pushing your finger or toe into the Eazyfile causing personal injury or damage to the file. If used regularly the Eazyfile can eliminate the need to use scissors or nail clippers ever again.

The Eazyfile is compact and small, around the size of an average mobile phone. You can easily keep the Eazyfile either in your pocket or bag when you’re out and about. With the Eazyfile, an average person can maintain their nails on both hands in just a few minutes.

The rotating file belt is replaced quite simply. If it becomes too smooth or you want to change the grade of the file paper, simply cut through the old belt at the front of the Eazyfile, then activate the button to dispense the used belt. The new belt at this stage is a long strip of file paper in linear form. Feed the strip into the front side of the Eazyfile and activate the on button. This will control the strip being drawn through the unit. Follow the easy belt changing instructions on the reverse of the file strip to complete the belt change.

How big and heavy is the Eazyfile?

The Eazyfile is a small device that fits snugly in your hand and weighs around 128 grams with the batteries fitted. this is around the weight of a standard smart phone only slightly smaller.

Will I need to use scissors or clippers before or after filing my nails?
No with the Eazyfile used regularly and correctly, you will have no need to use scissors or clippers again on your nails.
How Long do the replaceable file belts last?
The Eazyfile is designed to file and maintain your finger and toe nails. So if you used it for the recommended 3 times per week in order to prevent the nail from growing long, the file belt should last you approximately 1 month.
How do you change the file belt?

All you need to do is remove the front clip, cut or tare the file belt and active the button and this will automatically dispense the file strip. The file belt when supplied comes in strip form. Place the new file strip into the front of the unit following the simple instructions on the reverse of the strip and on the Eazyfile. Activate the button and the strip will be drawn through the Eazyfile. When both ends of the strip are exposed at the front opening, close the strip into belt form, it takes about 30 seconds its really that Eazy. You can find full instructiond on our website also with links to instructional videos.

Who can use the Eazyfile?
Any one who can’t use scissors or clippers due conditions such as phobias, arthritis or poor eye sight. This is ideal for the elderly and frail who want to keep there own independents or for people on the move and don’t have time to sit down and cut or clip there nails. The range of people this Eazyfile can benefit is right across the board.
Can you hurt or cut yourself on the Eazyfile?
No you can press the Eazyfile file up against your skin and you won’t harm or cut yourself, we also recommend that you only file your nails when the front clip is in place. Even if you deliberately or accidentally tried to trap your finger toe nail in the front end with the front clip removed, the Eazyfile is file belt is designed stop rotating.
Where will I purchase new replacement file belts?
You will be able to purchase extra file belts from our website direct. You will be able to buy multiple numbers and grade options while your there.
How much will the file belts cost?

When you buy an Eazyfile you will automatically receive 7 replaceable file belts. Further file belts will start in pack of 12 costing £4.99 and a 24 pack costing £6.99 

Where does the filed nail dust go?

The nail when filled creates file dust. Around 90% of the nail dust falls into the front area. To clean and remove this dust, just simply remove the front clip and gently tap the Eazyfile file open end onto a hard or soft surface and all the dust will drop away. The other 10% or so dust will remain within the Eazyfile in void areas designed to keep them out of harms way, and will never affect the operation of the Eazyfile.

How long do the batteries last?

Depending on the quality of the batteries you use, we recommend quality batteries and they should last around 8 to 12 weeks with regular use.

Can I share the Eazyfile with others?
We recommend that you don’t share this with others as it is classed as a hygiene product,  and therefore the risk of cross contamination is possible i.e. Fungal infections etc.
What age limit is on the Eazyfile?
We recommend that the Eazyfile can be used by anyone over the age of 6 years and up but recommend supervising ages 6 to 8 year old children.
Does the Eazyfile make a noise?

Yes the eazyfile makes a smoth running noise. As it uses high speed motor movement that is convenient to low speed high torque belt movement.
This conversation generates noise and the harder you press against the file belt the louder the noise becomes. This is normal for high torque mechanisms. The benefit of this is that the belt can be pressed against very firmly and won’t stop.