Our Story

Where and how I came up with the idea for the battery powered Eazyfile.

It all started when one day I was out at work and I clicked my fingernail, and so I needed to file off the sharp edge. All I had to hand was a match box, so I had to use the strike paper edge on the box to file my nails smooth. That’s where I came up with the idea that if a match box would remain still in my hand and the strike strip moved I would be able to get a better and even file across the whole of the nail.

As an inventor, my mind got to work on how I could create such a unit.

After working out the principle function I looked down the avenues to getting the unit built as a working model.

I quickly worked out that the idea would cost a lot of money and time that I had neither of: this left me no other choice than to keep my idea a secret and put the project to bed in the hope that in the future my financial position would change.

12 Years later this was to be the case. I thought after this amount of time, someone else would have come up with the same idea and beat me to it.

I then built a very basic prototype for proof of concept, and to better understand how to move forward on protecting the idea.

Following extensive patent searchers, I employed the services of a very reputable patent attorney and applied for the patent to protect my idea and its technical function that was needed to make the eazyfile work as I imagined it would, and allow you to be able to feed in a new replacement file belt without the need to take apart the unit.

I wanted to do all the development myself to get the unit working correctly, so I bought a high-quality 3D printer and made a start.

Over the next 24 months I carried out extensive research on people’s views and needs during which time I worked on over 250 prototypes, making all the moving component’s and complex internal layouts time and time again, each one slightly different from the last.

The project progressed until I could get the unit working to absolute perfection and efficiently as I had designed it in my head all them years earlier.

Now patented I employed the services of a manufacturing company in Yorkshire called Global precision engineering ltd to manage the manufacturing and quality, to bring to the market, the highest quality Saturn Eazyfile to you.