The Saturn Eazyfile

The all new first ever and fully patented electric nail file system

The Eazyfile with its rotating file belt technology can help manage the whole of the nail area from the front and sides of the nail including across the whole top surface. It comes with replaceable file belts of different grades so its easy for you to find a grade/grit that best suits your nails. The Eazyfile can be used on long or short nails and is also ideal for people with health conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritis and people with poor or no eye sight. It’s also great for young children who can’t cut or clip their own nails. No more struggling with fiddly nail scissors or clippers. Simply press the button and hold your nail against the rotating file belt and the Eazyfile will do all the hard work for you. It will file and shape your nails to a perfect finish in seconds. It really is a quick and easy way to safely file your nails if you can’t or dont want to use scissors or clippers. Our unique patented Eazyfile is truly a one of a kind rotating file belt nail care system on the market to date.

The Eazyfile also has a smooth ergonomic finish and comes a choice of stylish and modern colours for that great feel and look. As Seen on Channel 4’s BUY IT NOW  

Please view our usful video links on the Eazyfile 

How to use video link

Getting started video link

Changing the file belts video link

Maintance video link 

Our Story

It all started one day I was out and about when I chipped my fingernail so I needed to file off the sharp edge, all I had to hand was the strickstrip on a match box, that’s where I came up with the idea of the eazyfile. If the match box would remain still in my hand and the strike strip moved I would be able to get a better and even file across the whole of the nail.