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The Eazyfile is a truly effortless and easy to use powered nail file system.

Using our unique patented file system, the Eazyfile shapes, files and maintains your nails with perfect ease. The Eazyfile can be used on long or short nails, even for those nails that have gel coat nail polish or overlays painted on them, the Eazyfile makes light work of filing and maintaining all types of nails.

The Eazyfile also comes with a choice of stylish and modern colours and with a smooth, ergonomic finish for that great look.

Our Story

It all started when one day I was out at work and I clicked my fingernail, and so I needed to file off the sharp edge. All I had to hand was a match box, so I had to use the strike paper edge on the box to file my nails smooth. That’s where I came up with the idea that if a match box would remain still in my hand and the strike strip moved I would be able to get a better and even file across the whole of the nail.