Beauty Recommendations: Summer 2018

We bloggers are privileged to be sent a lot of products to try. These vary from vitamins and health drinks to clothes, jewellery and even mattresses. It’s usually a member of the PR or marketing team who makes first contact and offers the item in return for a review or mention on the blog or Instagram.

When I was a new blogger, I found it hard to say no. Not just because it’s lovely to receive a gift in the post, but because my natural politeness and “people-pleasing” disposition made it difficult.

I’ve been blogging for five years now though, and my blog and I have both evolved. It’s perfectly acceptable to decline an offer and I now do so frequently. If the product doesn’t fit with my style, if I don’t think I’ll use it, or if I can’t justify the time to write about it, then I say a polite thanks but no thanks.

Time is a precious commodity. None of us have it to spare, so I only take the time needed to photograph and write about something if I truly believe in it. If it’s worth it. And by that, I don’t just mean worth it from a monetary point of view. Is it worth me telling people about it? Would I tell my friend over a coffee about it?

I want everyone that reads my reviews to trust them. More importantly, I want everyone to trust me. I don’t ever want to lose my credibility or authenticity. This is the same if I’ve bought the item myself, if it was gifted, or if it’s part of a paid collaboration.

So what I’m saying, in a rather long-winded way, is that absolutely everything you read here is honest. Everything is my own opinion. And if the product is a gift, I state as such. either in the main body of text or in a disclaimer at the foot of the post. Ditto if it’s a sponsored post. (That means I’ve been paid). That way, it’s all transparent and we know where we are.

So, with all of that in mind, I would like to share a few summer beauty recommendations with you.

The Saturn Eazyfile

The Saturn Eazyfile is a patented, battery-operated electric nail file. I’m not normally one for gadgets, but I hate filing my nails- I don’t like how it feels and I rarely manage to get them all even. Therefore, when the company director offered to send me one, I was keen to give it a try

And it’s excellent. It comes with replaceable file belts of different gradients and it works on both long and short nails. It’s easy to use and I now can’t imagine using an emery board ever again! It would be great too for little ones- I bet a lot of us have battled with infants when trying to cut their nails. It’s ideal for those at the other end of the scale too, for example, those with arthritic hands or fingers.

(Click to see my Eazyfile demonstration video)

It retails at £19.99, (less than the cost of a manicure), and you get free delivery from the website with the code Eazyfree. I like the Eazyfile so much that I agreed to host a giveaway over on Instagram. Do head over for details and for your chance to win one for yourself. But be quick. It ends tomorrow, (Friday), morning.