The all new Saturn Eazyfile now available for wholesale.

Why not join the growing number of small, medium sized retailers and online traders now gearing up to sell our brand new patented Saturn Eazyfile.

A&H Innovation limited are the founders of Saturn Eazyfile the inventors, developers and manufacturers of the first of it’s kind battery operated electric nail file using rotating file belt technology.

Why not read all about us and the great new product the Eazyfile with its replacement file belts of different grades.

Read all about our brand-new innovation that can help people from all ages and genders from children who are too young to cut or clip their own nails to the elderly and frail with poor or no eyesight, also useful for people with certain hand conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. You can find a wealth of information on our main page our story or frequently asked questions also browse our gallery and see the various different colours and uses for the Saturn Eazyfile

All prices are inclusive we have orders from as little as 25 units, that’s five of each colour or all 25 of the same colour. Colours come in black, white, pale pink, bright pink and orange.
There is currently no maximum order however stocks at this time are limited prices vary on volumes.

Our RRP is £19.99 which are listed for sale on this website and Amazon, these All rices will always remain at £19.99.

Wholesale example
20 units to 100 units £11.50 each inclusive.

101 to 150 units £11.00 each inclusive.

150 to 500 units £10.00 each inclusive.

500 to 1000 units £9.50 each inclusive.

500 to 2000 units £9.00 each inclusive.

All eazyfiles come with a free packet of replacible file belt further replacement file belts example RRP at £4.99 and wholesale at £2.50
In most circumstances delivery is free subject to volumes and frequency.

For further details and information on stock availability marketing wholesale or any general enquiries regarding becoming a distributor for the Eazyfile please contact one of our sales teams at direct or use the contact link on our main page.